Compete in "Balls for Balls Meatball Eating Tournament" and help fight prostate cancer.

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Balls for Balls is a meatball-eating contest aiming to fight prostate cancer. 100% of net proceeds from the competition and event will go directly to our beneficiary to help eradicate fatalities due to prostate cancer. We hope to evoke your sense of competition as well as your compassion, and encourage you to form a team of four to compete in the competition.

To moralers and spectators, our event is all about men's health. If you choose not to compete, we invite you to cheer on our competitors and learn about issues regarding men's health and prostate cancer.

Also, get yourself checked. USC Student Run Clinic will be offering free health exams, so take advantage of this opportunity to re-evaluate your health goals. Admissions and health exams are free.