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To all competitive eaters, ballzy, unsparing philanthropists, and/or passionate advocates of men’s health: Sign up your team of four noble ballers to compete in a relay-style, healthy meatball eating contest. 100% of your registration fees will be donated to our beneficiary. Click here for details about how the contest works.

1) PRELIMINARY ROUNDS: Your team is placed in heats where you will be competing with at least two other teams. At the referee’s cue, each team starts on the plates of meatballs, one teammate at a time. The slowest team in each heat to clear the four plates of meatballs are eliminated. The others progress to the next preliminary round where they will be grouped with different competitors. Preliminary rounds continue until we are left with 8 teams.

2) HEAD-TO-HEAD ROUNDS: Each of the remaining 8 teams are paired with only one other team, so we have four races going at once. Each team that knocks out their opponent will move onto the next head-to-head round to fight another team.

3) FINAL HEAD-TO-HEAD: When we are left with only two teams, the final head-to-head round ensues. The winning team takes home our grand prize.

Note: Water and utensils will be provided. We will be posting the competition food information shortly to let you know exactly what you will be eating.

  1. Each table will have one Table Referee
  2. Each competitor must finish the designated number of meatballs and only that number of meatballs per round (i.e. competitors may not help each other)
  3. Finishing meatballs is defined as chewing and completely swallowing the meatballs
  4. Competitors must clearly reveal to the table referee when they are finished. The table ref must ‘ok’ the second teammate to begin
  5. Vomiting in any form during or after the competition will result in immediate disqualification.

Registration Fee:
$60 to sign up a team of four
Click Here

$20 $15 discounted price for solo competitors. We will match you up with three other teammates.
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